MetaindeX - Terms and Conditions

  • only ONE ACCOUNT by physical person and use case is allowed.
  • MetaindeX will NEVER transmit your data to any other company.
  • the product is delivered as is and does not intend to be useful for any specific purpose in any case. Any damage or disadvantage for the user, due to unavailability or malfunction of the product, either software, algorithmic or physical, won´t be the responsability of the product nor its administrator.
  • the product does not perform ANY BACKUP of your data and operations have NO UNDO. YOU are responsible for downloading your data as a backup every time you judge it necessary.
  • MetaindeX can keep anonymous trace of user operations for internal maintenance and administration purpose only.
  • MetaindeX server and your data are hosted in France. As a consequence, data you store and use in MetaindeX shall be compliant with french and european laws, especially concerning data copyright, privacy and GDPR principles. If your data break those rules, MetaindeX team could decide to remove related contents and ban involved user(s) from the server.
  • MetaindeX is free and open-source. Servers and maintenance are not. Nevertheless you won´t see any advertisement here. Your free account let´s you own a maximum amount of documents and/or disk space, if you ever need to increase them, several plans are at your disposal for purchase.
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