MetaindeX is an OpenSource Cataloging app thought for easy and powerful data management, especially for humanities studies and research
We're very excited to announce the very first official release!
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  • Inject data from Excel or OpenRefine
  • Work offline thanks to our powerful CSV import/export module
  • Store your corpus associated files (images, documents,...)
  • Explore and filter with a fast and powerful query language
  • Build great statistical charts and find correlations
  • Export to Gephi and explore data connections and graphs
  • Think as a team and work together on the same contents

Organize, Control and Manage your Data

  • Access and edit contents online
    Access your work from anywhere - edit, update, modify ...
  • Exchange contents with third-party tools
    Synchronize your work or third-party tools (Excel, OpenRefine,...) using advanced CSV injection utilities
  • Download contents on your computer, work off-line and re-sync
    Retrieve data as standard CSV, store, share and update at will
  • Customize visualization
    Decide what and how you want to display your data
  • Store all your files online
    Store images, text, or any type of data related to your project and reference it from the documents
  • Link documents with each other
    Link documents with each other to build connections
  • Define data model
    Define the fields your documents contain, including enumerations for easy editing

Explore and Discover

  • Build Powerful Search Queries
    Experience the powerful Lucene Search Queries, and make very efficient and precise search queries
  • Generate great statistic charts in few clicks
    Full integration with industry leading Kibana for generation of statistical charts
  • Export data for graph analysis
    Generate GEXF file and load it with Gephi graph analyzer
  • Amazingly fast search engine
    Lightning-fast search with the Elastic-Search engine which is used worldwide
  • Save and combine queries
    Keep track of useful queries so you can reused or combined them
  • Integrate charts into your workspace
    Access to updated dynamic statistic charts from main application

Collaborate with Partners and Share Your Work

  • Work together with your team or partners
    Work directly together on the same contents and avoid painful data merging
  • Control who can see, edit or delete data
    Assign roles and access rights to each of your partners
  • Multi-languages customization (English,French, ...)
    Define lexic for a user interface adapted to your specific domain and partners languages
  • Get notified when data has changed
    Get live updates on the data that has been modified
  • See who changed the documents
    Find when a document has been changed lastly and by who
Special thanks to Elastic Stack Team for their great products, and also, for advices and support, to Jakob H.